Spirit Heal” Massage Therapy Course

Facilitators: Sam and Christine Carter

This is a technique we developed over the years of our experience while travelling and observing how many Therapists burn themselves out with physical damage from years of massage techniques that are hard on the therapist. We assist the health practitioner find their particular way of healing through using their natural gifts. “Spirit Heal” is as it says being a conduit for Spirit allowing the change within the body to take place through breath, love and intention as the key ingredients. This technique is transformative for the client as well as the Therapist it is designed to be very slow and intentional allowing the Client to completely relax from the day to day stress of life but also the Therapist to be in a state where Spirit can flow. We have many techniques that demonstrates how we can tap into our natural healing gifts.

“Human Design” – The science of differentiation

Facilitators: Sam and Christine Carter

Yes we are all unique human beings that have a design based on our birth data. What Human Design focuses on is how we make our decisions in our body uniquely assisting us to follow our true path in life. Once you receive a Reading you can experiment with the suggested guidelines and see if it makes your life more Satisfying, Peaceful, Successful and Surprising. I can offer at this stage short recordings for people to get a basic understanding. I can offer talks on the basics of Human Design and knowing who we are and what we have come here to do.

Dave Stuhlbarg Courses

Dave Stuhlbarg

Dave Stuhlbarg is a world traveling educator who creates magical “in-the-moment” learning experiences for people of all ages. He’s dedicated to being a beneficial presence wherever he goes.  Dave’s classes include: The Interconnected Living System; Crewmanship ~ Powerful Listening and Communicating; Story Busting for Teens and Twenties; Practicing Presence, and more.  Whichever the class, Dave’s teachings enable people to live life more fully.  Participants gain far greater awareness of their power to effect their surroundings and the experience of their life. Dave provides insight into the nature of reality that we all share and thus helps people to become more connected with themselves, with others, with the planet and the cosmos. Participants are inspired, enlivened and often experience shifts in perspectives they didn’t see coming

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Meditation Course

Teachers: Waveney Grace-Thode & Dee Petit

This 4-day workshop offers you an opportunity to transform your life in ways yet only dreamed of.  We will take a journey into the heart where you will begin to “remember who you really are” and awaken the master within.
You are so much more than you think you are at this moment! The Awakening the Illuminated Heart® workshops are created for you to “Awaken your Heart”. You will receive precise instructions on how to enter the new world – Ascension.

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Dance & Art Therapy Parent Workshop

Senior dance and arts therapist – TBA

WHO IS THIS FOR: This workshop is aimed at parents of special needs children and professionals in this sector (including teacher aides and support staff)


  • Practical tools to help relate to your child
  • Ideas and activities to develop relationships using art and dance/movement
  • Supportive space to share your stories
  • Opportunities to ask questions around challenges/issues at home or school
  • A chance to connect with other parents in your community

BeYOUtiful 8 Week Program

Facilitators: Jacqui O’Connor and Dee Petit

BeYOUtiful is an eight week program that equips young women aged 9-13 years old to discover their full potential in a fun creative space.

Our Vision: To help young women find confidence within and to teach them tools and straegies to help them to be their BeYOUtiful self inside and out.

Our Mission: We support and encourage young women to be their authentic self. To inspire and gain self-confidence, self-worth and self-care through self-love. To BE YOU and LOVE YOU.

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Landscape Art Courses

Artist: Brodie Reynolds

Brodie Reynolds is based in Raglan, New Zealand. She works predominantly with oil paint to create mystical landscapes, both real, and imagined. As a young student, Brodie was accepted into the British Institute of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. It was here that she cultivated a deep learning for classical painting and drawing techniques. She then went on to complete her Visual Arts Diploma at AUT in Auckland and later attended The Hampstead School of Decorative Arts in London, to learn the delicate methods of tromp l’oeil, frescoes and marbling. Brodie’s most recent works delve into the conversations of nature’s elements, and the exciting unveiling of a precious moment in time.

“It is at that point where I feel there is a world of infinite possibilities”. I love the delicate relationship between chaos and stillness. One cannot be felt without the other.”

Linda Wills Watercolour Painter

Linda has been a watercolour painter for some years and has recently become an illustrator of children’s books, a dream job come true for her. She would love to pass on her knowledge to new artists or to those who think they may like to explore this rewarding medium. Her style is traditional and the course will cover basic skills so that you will be ready to branch out and develop your own style.
Drawing skills are not necessary.

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