School Holiday Art Classes – Clay treasure boxes print making

Artist: Annie Newall

Annie is best known for her quirky wearable art creations made from crazy collections of recycled building products, discarded objects and illuminated fabrics and paint teamed with a bucket loads of wild imagination and sense of play. Annie is passionate in her exploration and expression of art through a variety of mediums as a Collage Artist.  She works with photographic images, fabrics, printing and clay using interests in present and passed life events and experiences for inspiration

“Staying present to the simple joy of playful creation and sharing this creativity with others, no matter what age or experience, is truly satisfying”

The paradox of praise: fixed and growth mindsets in young children

Facilitator: Evelyn Davis

A key factor in determining whether a child becomes extrinsically or intrinsically motivated is the way we, as teachers or parents, respond to their efforts and achievements.

This workshop will explore how unearned “automatic pilot” praise can interfere with significant learning opportunities and dispositions. We will investigate and refine alternative responses and gain an understanding as to how certain responses can either foster or diminish a powerful “growth” mindset in children.

There will be discussion concerning recent and relevant research, particularly by Carol Dweck, on growth and fixed mindsets. We will consider why some young children are happy to give something a go and take on a challenge without being afraid of making mistakes, compared to other children who are reluctant to attempt something new for fear of failure.

Resourceful resources

Facilitator: Evelyn Davis

Everybody knows the apocryphal story of the child at Christmas who abandons his shiny new toy in order to explore the cardboard box in which it arrived. Often, we seem to try too hard to provide the shiny, the new and the plastic and fail to appreciate the beauty and potential of ‘loose parts’.

With loose parts, children are free to create and make unexpected connections, which forms the heart of creativity. Too often toys and construction sets have a very limited range of possible assembly strategies, leaving little room for the child’s imaginative input.

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What does it mean to be a learner?

Facilitator: Evelyn Davis

How do we foster learning dispositions and growth mindsets? Starting from our own experiences as adult learners, this workshop engages participants in a lively, practical journey, leading us to a thought-provoking appreciation of how we can support life long learning founded on meaningful experiences in early childhood. Based on neuroscientific research and the work of Carol Dweck, Alison Gopnik and Guy Claxton.

Te Puawaitanga – Means Flowering

Strengthening Identity using Maori concepts and creativity program

Facilitator: Anita Vlasic

This 8 week program offers an opportunity to experience and explore  Māori concepts  utilizing creativity by an Arts Therapist. You will be guided through  concepts including Karakia-Prayer, Whakawhānaungatanga-Relationship building,  Tūrangawaewae-Belonging and kinship,   Whakapapa- Ancestral awareness   Kotahitanga: Individual strengths used collectively,      Pakiwaitara: Māori myths..  No prior knowledge or experience in Arts Therapy or Māori development is needed.

Sewn Wool Shawl Class

Teacher: Dee Petit

Wrap yourself with wearable art, nurture your soul with passion, embrace your spirit with a little zest, adding a sassy flair to your fashion. You will create a wool shawl, rug or wall hanging that is sewn by machine and immersed in boiling water, Creating a masterpiece right in front of your eyes!

Wool Felting: Make your own wet felted storytelling mat!

Facilitator: Evelyn Davis

Make a wet felted storytelling mat (or hanging or table runner!) using merino wool, a variety of silks, woollen knitting yarns, pre-felts, viscose fabrics and as many wonderful embellishments as I can fit in my suitcases! No experience is required, only a love of playful experimentation with colour and pattern and texture. A great deal of fun!

Korowai Weaving Classes

Teacher: TBA

Learn the traditional art of Korowai weaving. You will learn the basic knots & weave your way up to your first Korowai (Cloak). Māori cloaks are most commonly worn on special occasions, whether a significant hui and coming together of people, or a significant graduation or birthday. The cloaks hold stories of our history or whānau (family) and whakapapa (genealogy). They’re held in the highest regard and worn with the highest form of respect.

Eat With Me – Dining with Archana

Facilitator – Archana

Archana, is a chef with 15 years’ experience cooking in professional kitchens in India and New Zealand. She is classically trained in European cooking and have had the opportunity to learn other cuisines, including Mediterranean and Asian. The journey has been somewhat eclectic, ranging from 5-star hotels in India, to 3 hatted restaurants in New Zealand, with cafes, pubs and other fine-dining establishments in between. Archana loves cooking and eating all sorts of food and takes great pride in the food she prepares. Her food dishes vary from being mild and restrained to bold and intense. Archana loves to prepare food that looks deceivingly simple but has depths of flavour. I feel most fortunate to have settled in a region of New Zealand that is so bountiful, and I feel something of a duty to showcase this abundance in whatever small way I can. Like every responsible chef today I am working towards sustainable practice which includes sourcing of local and seasonal produce and minimising food waste. Over the years I have learnt that sharing my joy for cooking is paramount. I also believe sustainable practice includes our sharing knowledge about food growing and cooking techniques.