Eat With Me – Dining with Archana

Facilitator – Archana

Archana, is a chef with 15 years’ experience cooking in professional kitchens in India and New Zealand. She is classically trained in European cooking and have had the opportunity to learn other cuisines, including Mediterranean and Asian. The journey has been somewhat eclectic, ranging from 5-star hotels in India, to 3 hatted restaurants in New Zealand, with cafes, pubs and other fine-dining establishments in between. Archana loves cooking and eating all sorts of food and takes great pride in the food she prepares. Her food dishes vary from being mild and restrained to bold and intense. Archana loves to prepare food that looks deceivingly simple but has depths of flavour. I feel most fortunate to have settled in a region of New Zealand that is so bountiful, and I feel something of a duty to showcase this abundance in whatever small way I can. Like every responsible chef today I am working towards sustainable practice which includes sourcing of local and seasonal produce and minimising food waste. Over the years I have learnt that sharing my joy for cooking is paramount. I also believe sustainable practice includes our sharing knowledge about food growing and cooking techniques.