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The unfolding of the Fibonacci sequence in our logo is like the spiraling of a new unfurling silver fern fronds known as the Koru in the Māori culture here is New Zealand. The Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio spiral are all around us in nature daily in the petals of a flower, the way tree branches split, sea shells, as well as the human body. It reminds us that we are all connected to everyone and everything. We are in nature as much as nature is in us. When our collective  life energies are moving together, focused in one direction, we can be open to the wonderment of life, the blossoming of new beginnings and the oneness of a nation that focuses on love.

The Shiloh Creative Life Centre plans are to establish themselves as a community centre in South Auckland/Franklin County region that offer courses in four different areas (the four pillars of the organisation) education, community, creativity and well-being. The centre will offer individuals an education hub to learn, and open art space to create, a holistic wellness clinic for healing and a community garden where people can come together and nurture mind body and soul all in one space.  It will be a place of not just learning like the standard education spaces, but to encourage personal and spiritual growth while engaging in a safe community space that offers individuals the opportunity to nurture relationships and embrace a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves.

There is mounting evidence that the connection between a person engaging in a variety of artistic activities can have the following psychological effects: enhancement of moods, emotions and substantial stress relief, as well as significant physiological effects that assist people to get back to functioning normally. The arts can be used in a diverse number of ways to help people understand themselves, others and be able to self-reflect. Symptoms, behaviours and ways of thinking can be changed as positive outcomes of creativity as well as sustaining one’s health and wellbeing (Heather L. Stuckey, 2010).

A report on understanding the value of creative spaces conducted by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage validates there is substantial value and opportunities that creative art spaces offer to communities and creates a space for improved well-being outcomes for people in need of support for healthy communities (Benge, 2019).

Like the unfurling silver fern fronds … as too our heart and soul unfolds as we heal and expand our knowledge and creative genius whilst embracing a healthy eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle within a unified community that stands for peace, abundance and a sense of belonging.

Dedicated to creative therapies & art projects that promote freedom of personal artistic expression

An educational space where individuals can participate in programs which enhance personal growth, universal knowledge and spiritual awareness

A safe community hub to gather where people have the opportunities to enrich their lives through creative expression, mental wellness, spiritual growth and cohesive families

Holistic wellness clinic and programs which nurture the mind, body and soul

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