It is easy to tell people what to do, but to really assist people to change it is important for everybody to learn the ‘why’ to be motivated to do so.

‘Back 2 Basics’ is an 8-week wellness programme that teaches young women, mothers, and youth to understand the basics of our physiology (how gut, immune system and mental health works), and why choosing certain foods and cooking methods can provide nutritious, cost-effective and more sustainable ways to keep families healthy.  Students participate in hands-on cooking demonstrations and then supported and encouraged to apply what they have learnt at home.

Areas to be addressed are healthy lifestyles and eating habits that enable families to provide a nurturing home environment. It includes healthy social habits, healthy sleeping routines, and teaching simple yet nutrient rich ways of cooking that fits into a busy modern family.

The goal is to provide educational and practical knowledge that is easy to implement. This will enable participants to make healthy lifestyle choices, to balance body and mind. Promoting healthy lifestyles in the home and bringing up healthy children ensures positive happy attitudes that encourage all to actively contribute to our communities.

At the end of the course, the participants will understand the human body and its function, and the connection between physical and mental health. It will enable the participants to apply and integrate the learned knowledge and cooking skills into their daily lives with the practical tools taught during the eight weeks.


During the course students will be introduced to a variety of practices that will enable them to use these tools in their daily lives. They will learn to prepare healthy, homecooked meals from seasonal produce on a budget that will sustain health and wellbeing. In integration with the practical element, the students will learn how the body functions and what the connection between physical and mental health implies. The focus is on prevention rather than treatment. We aim to provide basic knowledge that forms a foundation for future generations.

Duration of course: 8 weeks @ one day per week

Date: TBA

Time: 9:00am – 2:30pm

Location: Strive Mangere East – Southern Cross Campus – 253 Buckland Road, Māngere East


Inga von Benzon, ND, BT

Born and bred in Hamburg, Germany, she grew up with homeopathic and herbal remedies as an aid for any ailments. She assists everybody who has the desire to manage their health effectively and long-term. Inga has gained her Diploma of Naturopathy in New Zealand in 2003, and the Diploma of Proficiency in Bowen Therapy in 2005. Her personal experience with natural remedies and having two children has enabled her to prove that children can grow up without the use of antibiotics or other medication and become very healthy and self-sufficient young adults.

Nutrition is a central part of her approach, as without the right ‘fuel’, the body cannot function properly. Inga works with a variety of treatment modalities as listed under services. In addition to these modalities, she networks with a selective number of other health professionals which gives her patients the advantage of choosing what is most beneficial for them to gain total wellbeing. Inga has been in private practice since 2005.

“It is my passion and mission to help people recover from illnesses, to educate and coach people to enable them to look after their own and their family’s health”

Dee Petit – Sassy Red Ltd – Director. Coach. Facilitator (Shiloh’s Chairperson)

Dee’s ancestors come from a French and German heritage and her grandfather, Augusta Petit, was a head chef at the Cadillac Hotel in Detroit Michigan in the early 1900’s. He purchased 200 acres south of Detroit before leaving his job as head chef and developed the property into vegetable gardens and sold his produce at the Detroit markets during the depression. Gardening, cooking and preserving home grown nutrient rich food were instilled in Dee from an early age and she brings her passion for preserving the past into her classrooms.   

Reflect. Reprogram. Regenerate


“As I walked into this programme, I didn’t know what to expect but was greeted by a bubbly and full of life Dee who sported a SMILE. BOOM from then on, I knew this was going to be a one hell of an experience. Sure enough she taught us how to make meals from scratch that would benefit us in the long run.  I would always look forward to class every Monday, purely because I knew Dee would make something delicious to eat while giving us cooking tips. Preparing meals alongside her was never dull. There would be smiles all around as well as jokes and laughter, and not to forget the aroma of flavours that would fill the kitchen. Such an inspiring individual who is amazing in what she does as well as down to earth.”
“Inga is amazing.  I learned so much about health and wellbeing.  Food is nutrition!  What you eat defines how you feel.  Gained a lot of knowledge not only for me but for my family too!” – Helen

An excellent way to learn the basic ways of surviving and using basic ingredients and ideas to make simple food taste and look amazing. Everyone has been used to eating and thinking lazy, so this course was needed and useful to takeaway to be mindful with your input to the gut and body. Health is your biggest wealth. – Salamasina

Learning about the body itself was very interesting and I was introduced to some new ways of cooking and preparing food that is great for my body. Not to forget the yummy food that was cooked fully satisfied the tummy without feeling bloated. Enjoyed every moment! – Serena

The presentations educate and bring awareness to some of the everyday things I do and eat and are beneficial baby steps that I am willing to take towards a healthier lifestyle. I love how Dee is making the food and we are encouraged to interact with making our meals. Overall, I really enjoy the programme. – Jasmine