SHILOH Creative Life Centre Charitable Trust

Our Vision
Enriching lives to create a unified community
that enhances individuals with their
wellness, education and creativity

Our Mission..
A  community centre that is seen to be the heart of the community,
strengthening the lives of individuals and families

The word Shiloh means peace, abundance and a sense of belonging.

The Shiloh Creative Life Centre is an innovated project that will offer programs of eco-friendly sustainable practices that embrace a broad holistic approach to personal, community & global development. It supports and embraces health and well-being of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of all peoples regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, background or beliefs.

Our Four Pillars

Dedicated to creative therapies & art projects that promote freedom of personal artistic expression

An educational space where individuals can participate in programs which enhance personal growth, universal knowledge and spiritual awareness

A safe community hub to gather where people have the opportunities to enrich their lives through creative expression, mental wellness, spiritual growth and cohesive families

Holistic wellness clinic and programs which nurture the mind, body and soul

Shiloh Creative Life Centre Charitable Trust trustees are working cooperatively with others in establishing a leading edge creative and environmentally friendly central hub in South Auckland/Franklin County for our immediate and wider community that is safe, inviting, fun, unique and welcoming to everyone who walks through our doorway.

Established March 21, 2018 – Legal status granted January 30, 2019 – #CC56235

The Shiloh Creative Life Centre Charitable Trust comprises of a strong and dedicated team of trustees and advisory board with immense knowledge and expertise in the areas of holistic medicine, natural therapies, psychology, accounting, media & film, coaching, teaching, business management, property development & leadership.


Denise (Dee) Petit – Chairman

Director of Sassy Red Ltd.

As a Certified Life Coach, meditation teacher and a facilitator of young and mature woman’s empowerment workshops and youth programs throughout Auckland New Zealand, Denise (Dee) integrates over 25 years’ experience as the CEO of several businesses and her extensive marketing and sales management background.

Shiloh is a vision Dee experienced during a meditation in 2009 and she has known deep within that this was her life’s calling. A healing centre where people can experience alternative holistic healing modalities that enrich ones mind, body, spirit, feel a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves and be a part of innovative project that assist humanity on many levels.

Morris Tuffery – Treasurer

Bsc(Hons), ND, Rhom

Morris Tuffery been practising for 40 years as a classical Homoeopath , He operated a fulltime public clinic in New Plymouth for 10years , Morris has wide experience in the treatment of acute to the most chronic disorders and he has a real interest in treating learning disorders ,especially autism.”In recent years,after coming out of semi-retirement, he has reduced his practice to part time as well as taking up teaching Mathematics at Secondary School level.

Anita Vlasic-ManaiaSecretary

BASW, MAAT(clinical)

I am currently an Arts Therapist in South Auckland and I’m passionate about using creativity and nature as healing tools. I was a Social Worker in South Auckland working with youth and was inspired  to study Arts Therapy at Whitecliffe School of Arts and Design. I saw a gap and a need for alternative therapies for young people in South Auckland and in particular approaches that incorporated indigenous models of healing. I  resonated with Shiloh’s holistic vision of supporting the community I work and live in with well being, creativity and education.  I am married to Wiremu Manaia and we have 6 children between us and 4 grandchildren.  I was inspired by Dee’s passion for Shiloh’s mission after meeting with her and was invited to come on the board.  

Christine Burch 

Family Therapist/Counselor

I am a qualified Counsellor and a registered full member of the New Zealand Association of Counselors with a Diploma in Counselling, Post Graduate Certificate in Health Sciences. I am an Advanced Sandtray therapist working with children and play therapy for 12 years. I have been working in Family Therapy for the past 9 yrs. I  have been in the supporting field for the past 12yrs counselling children from the age of 5yrs to adults and the elderly. Through this time all my work has been in the South Auckland Community. I am also a trainer in the Management of Actual and Potential Aggression (MAPA) training that is used across the world through the Crisis Prevention Institute in Australia.

I am a mother of four adult children and have 4 beautiful grandchildren and a foster mother to one young woman.  My passion is to improve and enhance clients to achieve better health and wellbeing. My intention is to help people to have a happier life and children to have happier families. I have known Dee Petit for 16 years and find her enthusiasm to create change contagious and her passion for people heartwarming and much needed in our communities.


Stephanie Bosanac

Realtor for RE/Max Real Estate – Jackson, MI-USA

I am a real estate agent aspiring to change peoples lives within the place they call home for the past 14 years. I was asked by my mother, Denise Petit, to be a part of this board for a cause and center she truly feels is essential to establish at this time of great change in our world. I greatly accepted this role and any other she would ask of me because I know from first-hand experience just how much of an impact she can make in one’s life. The world needs more centers for education, healing, confidence building, and our youth. I believe in this mission and applaud Dee for her wealth of love for others. It’s astounding to see how much support this center has from all of its board members and trustees. It’s motivating and I’m honored to be a part of it.

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Brigitte Lauper Tisch

MA (Media Studies), Filmmaker, Teacher

Creative and holistic wellbeing and development for one and all is what attracts me about Shiloh.

I am a “human.being”, a videographer and lecturer in film-and media studies, a registered high school  and primary teacher in New Zealand and Switzerland, a mother of three and a citizen of One World currently living on Waiheke Island. I got to know Dee as a very fun, heart-centred, competent and thorough workshop leader and coach and am thrilled to be working alongside such a skilled, kind and diverse team.

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Adrienne Chapman

Dip.E.C.E, B.Soc.Sci, M.Soc.Sci. Dip.SpEd

I am married to Lindsay and have two adult sons, Michael and Simon. I’ve worked as a teacher, therapist and advisor with children 0-21 years and their families for the past 20 years, in roles supporting children’s learning and parenting skills. I am passionate about working with children and youth to become life-long learners and be confident people who succeed by achieving their personal goals, and find their own path in life. I have worked with First Tee and Phonak NZ to provide a life skills programme using golf as a medium for teenage boys who had a hearing loss. I work as a Teacher of the Deaf, supporting students in their classrooms. My personal goal at the moment is to be a writer and have my work published. I am a proud trustee of Shiloh and the vision it holds.