Nicky Hartley – Shiatsu Therapist

Shiatsu is a hands-on Japanese Zen Healing Art.

Shiatsu is more than a massage technique!

The character “shi” means finger or toe. The character “atsu” translates as “slowly applied pressure maintained then slowly released” with the implication of the use of bodyweight rather than strength. Together the two characters symbolize a range of techniques used in a therapeutic way, delivered by bodyweight using either fingers, palms, elbows, knees or feet.

Shiatsu achieves unique results because of it’s holistic goals which attempt to treat the whole person rather than a specific medical complaint. Shiatsu is based on the time-honoured Oriental medical understanding that our physiological and psychological structures are supported and affected by meridians. Meridians are channels of living magnetic energy. A shiatsu practitioner can improve the Ki (chi, life-force, energy) flowing through the meridians to improve our general health and well-being.

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Kirsty Richards – Homeopathy

Hi, I’m Kirsty Richards (DipHomNZ) I’m a New Zealand qualified homeopath with over 12 years of experience in Homeopathy and complementary medicine.

I’m excited to be part of the Holistic Wellness team here at the Shiloh Centre. I spent many of my younger years growing up in Onehunga, it’s nice to be back in my old neighbourhood!

After a life-long interest in natural medicine, I became particularly interested in Homeopathy while pregnant with my son 21 years ago. I wanted to have a safe alternative to use for my pregnancy-related issues, that wouldn’t affect my unborn baby. 

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Lesley Diane – Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Lesley completed a diploma of Osteopathy in 1995 and a diploma of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in 2017. Her life-long quest is to ‘hear’ the language of the intelligence in the body through the craniosacral rhythms and, in so doing, to bring to light for people their inherent capacity to heal, to thrive and to shine.

Lesley has four kids, now in their 20’s, and three cats who’ve helped raise them. She loves yoga, attempts gardening and delights in gathering with friends and family around the kitchen table.

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