Youth Tribe


Our Vision

To provide a safe and creative platform for teens to experience a transformative approach towards developing leaders of a generation that thrives.

Our Mission 

To encourage, build trust, and inspire creative expression in the development and unfolding of individual personal identity, values and goals in our teenage participants. 

Our 8-week program introduces students to concepts such as self-inquiry, mindfulness, resilience, self-awareness, self-value, self confidence, adaptability, authenticity; attributes that will assist them through a successful and fulfilling transition through the key teenage years and on to higher education or the workplace.

The program offers a constructive collective non-judgemental soundboard to test ideas, sharpen critical thinking skills and understand the dynamics of working individually and collaborating with others while encouraging honesty and authenticity as a path to one’s “True North”.


A collective testimony from the participants from our first program in October 2018 @ Uxbridge Art Hub in Howick NZ and what they are taking away from their experience:

– Confidence boost was #1
– Expressionism
– Less anxiety
– Art is diverse
– Leadership
– It showed us how to become a leader
– Being able to think for yourself
– No Limits
– From Shyness to Strength
– Courage to be who you are
– Self-Improvement
– Self-Esteem

“Thank you Clint & Dee for having the courage to go to the Howick Local Board Auckland Council for support in starting Youth Tribe.”

Youth Tribe Art Connection is an eight-week after school art connection for female and male students ages 14+ lead by two board trustees; art therapist Anita Vlasic and life coach Dee Petit, who lead youth through a series of creative art projects & mindfulness activities based around Maori concepts.

It is a safe space of inclusion, connection and involvement in positive, healthy relationships and simple acts of giving, mindfulness, self-learning, creativity and being active that uplift everyone involved. Our aim is to encourage, build trust, and inspire creative expression in the development and unfolding of individual personal identity, values and goals which gives our teenage participants access to another language and knowledge base.

Participants are offered an opportunity to experience and explore the application of Māori concepts utilizing creativity as it relates to individual wellbeing.  It is presented in a non-judgmental supportive environment that focuses on the process, not just the outcome.

Each session will incorporate visual arts, a range of art materials and recycled products. All will be able to participate at a level that is comfortable and suitable for them.  No prior knowledge or experience needed.

After 8 weeks youth will have gained knowledge and confidence using a range of creative processes and a deeper understanding of utilizing creativity and Māori concepts for well-being. Each session builds upon our overall vision, which is to make an impact on our future leaders by assisting them in finding their True North, their internal compass in life. 

New Programme.. Available soon!