Welcome to our Holistic Wellness Hub

Holistic means based on the principle of holism. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Holism is an important concept in the sciences and social sciences, and especially in medicine. Holistic medicine tries to treat the “whole person” rather than focusing too narrowly on single symptoms. It emphasizes the connections between the mind and the body, avoids the overuse of drugs, and has borrowed such practices from Eastern traditions as acupuncture and yoga.

Holistic health of a person concentrates on the connection of body, mind and spirit functioning at their highest levels to attain complete wellbeing in the environment in which they interact.  To achieve holistic wellbeing and feel your best, a person must have a complete approach that meets the needs and wants in each area, that are the most enjoyable and meaningful to you (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Most people pay attention to at least one or two areas of their holistic health, for example they would exercise regularly and eat well but this is only one aspect of holistic health and wellbeing (body) and therefore they will need to make changes in their lifestyle to make room for and look after the other areas as well. The results to a person’s wellbeing after creating a balanced state of holistic health to their lifestyle is a healthier, complete, fulfilled and happier self (Schaerer,2015).

We wish to invite our community to drop in on Fridays for our Healing Open Day from 10am-1pm @ Shiloh Holistic Wellness Hub. Our aim is to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing through a holistic approach utilising natural therapies that supports the mind, body and soul.

We have a team of natural health practitioners who are passionate about supporting people who are looking for alternative ways of relieving stress, anxiety, pain and wanting the personal touch of healing hands that can boost their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Some of our offerings: (Not all practitioners will be available every Friday)

Pain Management, Kinesiology, Energy Work/ Healing Facial, Reiki Healing, Hand Massage, Art & Clay Therapy, Access Consciousness®

This is a gifting economy approach to wellness, and our practitioners are offering their services for Koha. Maximum session is 30 minutes. Shiloh supports and aligns with the vision, and mission of https://the-pha.nz/.

Shiloh Holistic Wellness Hub

Anne Hurst – Dance & ART Therapist

Anne is an experienced, skilled, clinical counsellor and arts and dance / movement therapist, providing integrative counselling & expressive arts therapy, for children and adults individually and in groups. Anne is an ACC registered sensitive claims therapy provider. Anne holds Master’s level qualifications in expressive  arts therapies and specialist training  in evidence based therapies for trauma healing, including internal family systems and E.M.D.R. Anne also is a lecturer in dance/movement therapy at University of Auckland and Dance and Arts therapies.  NZ. https://dancetherapy.co.nz/about/

Inga von Benzon – Naturopath

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Inga von Benzon is a registered Naturopath, Bowtech® Bowen practitioner and registered Bowtech® instructor. She offers consultations and specialises in EAV energy medicine, lifestyle and dietary guidance, and detoxification protocols. Treatment plans are individualised and therefore tailored to every single client. Her protocols are suited to all family members, from the pregnant mum to babies, children of all ages, the stressed executive and the elderly. The Bowen technique balances the nervous system and therefore prepares the body and mind for healing. It addresses the underlying causes of discomfort and health issues. Bowen therapy is safe and effective for acute and chronic presentations.


Nicky Hartley – Shiatsu Therapist

Shiatsu is a hands-on Japanese Zen Healing Art.

Shiatsu is more than a massage technique!

The character “shi” means finger or toe. The character “atsu” translates as “slowly applied pressure maintained then slowly released” with the implication of the use of bodyweight rather than strength. Together the two characters symbolize a range of techniques used in a therapeutic way, delivered by bodyweight using either fingers, palms, elbows, knees or feet.

Shiatsu achieves unique results because of it’s holistic goals which attempt to treat the whole person rather than a specific medical complaint. Shiatsu is based on the time-honoured Oriental medical understanding that our physiological and psychological structures are supported and affected by meridians. Meridians are channels of living magnetic energy. A shiatsu practitioner can improve the Ki (chi, life-force, energy) flowing through the meridians to improve our general health and well-being.