African Drumming Course

Facilitator: Jimmy Dale –

Jimi Dale is leader of Tamani and has been teaching Drum and Dance classes and workshops throughout New Zealand since 1995. He has a great passion for bringing people together to celebrate African music and dance. For many years Jimi has also been bringing Africans to NZ to teach workshops and perform around the country Recently his passion has become the crossover of indigenous cultures in their understanding of life through ceremonial music, stories and dance.

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Open Floor Dance

Facilitator: TBA

Dance Movement Therapy will be offered twice a month at Shiloh (1.5hour sessions)
Open floor is a welcoming and inclusive creative container to explore therapeutic movement and dance for every “body” Explore your direction/vector with Movement. When we find our own dance, we find deep renewal, inspiration, energy and peace.  Designed for all age, genders and movement abilities.

Maori Mindfulness

Facilitator : Cathy Livermore

Maori Mindfulness offers a unique way to creatively restore your connection to self and the world around you involving movement, sound and breath. Embraced within the Whare Wananga o Io you can empower the authenticity of being the best you today in a safe and caring space.

Cathy provides a facilitated experience of Te Ao Maori cultural philosophies and traditions of healing translated into practical approaches and useful tools to empower your well being and support the daily presence of your full self; tinana/body, hinengaro/mind and wairua/spirit.

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Call of the Wild Woman

A study course of the book “Women Who Run With The Wolves.”

Facilitated by Dee Petit

Many women know that something’s missing and sense a call toward a larger, a more fertile life but they don’t know what to do. Join us in exploring and reclaiming our creative intuitive nature as we sit in circle together and explore stories and myths on how to regain our divine feminine birthright and empower the wild woman within that is longing to thrive.

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Facilitator – TBA

In this class we will explore through movement how it feels in your body when you are able to connect with compassion, and all the ways it can manifest in our lives. Qoya is a movement practice for women based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember our essence of being wise, wild and free.

It incorporates the wisdom of yoga with an invitation to dance the yoga as prayer, it brings in wild through creative expression in dance, and free through expanding our capacity to enjoy our bodies through sensual movement.  The classes are about 1 1/2 hours and there will be time afterwards to sit, share and integrate all that has come up.

Denise “Dee” Petit

Aromatouch Technique Therapy

Aromatouch® Technique utilises eight essential oils along the energy meridians and reflexology points of the back, feet & hands. It promotes a sense of balance, relaxation, and assist with reducing anxiety and relieves stress. It offers immune support, decreases pain and inflammation and elevates one’s mood.  Aromatouch® Technique takes 60-minutes.

As a Certified Life Coach, meditation teacher and a facilitator of young and mature woman’s empowerment workshops and youth programs throughout Auckland New Zealand, Denise (Dee) integrates over 25 years’ experience as the CEO of several businesses and her extensive marketing and sales management background.

Art Therapist – Private Sessions

Practitioner: Anita Vlasic Manaia

Anita Vlasic Manaia is of Dalmatian, Scottish and Maori descent with ancestry to Corcula in Croatia and the Tainui tribe of Ngati Haua.  She has degrees in Applied Social Work and a Masters in Clinical Arts Therapy. She has studied and published research on therapeutic processes for working with clients using Kaupapa Maori and Arts Therapy.

She was previously an Intensive Case Social Worker in a Teen Parent Unit at Taonga Education Trust in Manurewa, Auckland and has worked with Maori and Pacific Island teenage mothers who live in low socio-economic communities with high and complex needs.

Her passion is working with indigenous people to strengthen identity and build resilience using arts therapy. She is also committed to acknowledging ancestral, spiritual and intuitive knowledge and using this as a resource when working with the impacts of colonisation.