African Drumming Course

Facilitator: Jimmy Dale –

Jimi Dale is leader of Tamani and has been teaching Drum and Dance classes and workshops throughout New Zealand since 1995. He has a great passion for bringing people together to celebrate African music and dance. For many years Jimi has also been bringing Africans to NZ to teach workshops and perform around the country Recently his passion has become the crossover of indigenous cultures in their understanding of life through ceremonial music, stories and dance.

Jimi uses African style drums, music and songs to bring people together and embrace our unity and equality. This is something we can use to create our own stories and mythology and help create a stronger more unified future.

This is a creative drum course looking at choreographing a drum & dance show for upcoming festivals in Aotearoa. We will learn simple funky Rhythms, songs & dundun dances which will be woven in with live DJ music. This is music for the soul. No experience necessary. Just come and have fun Beginners welcome.

Rhythm is the pulse of life, if your heart is beating you can drum!