Landscape Art Courses

Artist: Brodie Reynolds

Brodie Reynolds is based in Raglan, New Zealand. She works predominantly with oil paint to create mystical landscapes, both real, and imagined. As a young student, Brodie was accepted into the British Institute of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. It was here that she cultivated a deep learning for classical painting and drawing techniques. She then went on to complete her Visual Arts Diploma at AUT in Auckland and later attended The Hampstead School of Decorative Arts in London, to learn the delicate methods of tromp l’oeil, frescoes and marbling. Brodie’s most recent works delve into the conversations of nature’s elements, and the exciting unveiling of a precious moment in time.

“It is at that point where I feel there is a world of infinite possibilities”. I love the delicate relationship between chaos and stillness. One cannot be felt without the other.”