Awakening the Illuminated Heart Meditation Course

Teachers: Waveney Grace-Thode & Dee Petit

This 4-day workshop offers you an opportunity to transform your life in ways yet only dreamed of.  We will take a journey into the heart where you will begin to “remember who you really are” and awaken the master within.
You are so much more than you think you are at this moment! The Awakening the Illuminated Heart® workshops are created for you to “Awaken your Heart”. You will receive precise instructions on how to enter the new world – Ascension.

This workshop is the “crown jewel” of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s entire life’s work into the study & exploration of the ancient teachings and unique meditation practices that are here to assist the human consciousness revolution that is now occurring. Through the assistance of the Ascended Masters, Drunvalo has taken complicated ancient knowledge & simplified it into an easy to understand teaching that offers profound and complete information needed on our planet today to prepare us for ascension into higher consciousness.