Usui Reiki Courses

Reiki Master: Jane MacKinnon

Jane MacKinnon is a Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist.  Jane studied most of her modalities in the UK, including Anatomy & Physiology, Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology and she has been a Reiki Master for nearly 25 years.  She moved to New Zealand with her husband and daughter in 2002.  Since moving to New Zealand she has added Quantum Touch (Practitioner and Teacher), NLP, EFT and Emotion Code to her tool kit of modalities. This enables her to offer a full range of holistic treatments to her clients.

What is Reiki?

Reiki energy is the vital force which flows through all matter and can be activated for a powerful form of healing.  Reiki acknowledges the oneness of all and does not conflict with any religion or belief system.  All that is required is the willingness to heal and be healed. Reiki is beneficial to both orthodox and complementary therapies. The Reiki Healing System dates back over 2500 years originating in Tibet.  It was rediscovered in 1843 by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Monk.   Usui dedicated his life to practising and teaching what he named Reiki, which is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy (Rei is Universal and Ki is Life Energy).

REIKI 1 Attunements – Two Day Course

There will be four attunements given in Reiki 1 plus practical sessions to consolidate what you have learnt. Each student will be given a comprehensive Reiki Manual, which covers the history of Reiki and how it was brought to the Western World. Information about the Attunements, Chakras – positions and meaning, Meridians and the Five Elements. It also shows the hand positions and explains how to give a treatment for self-healing, friends and family, animals and plants and for using Reiki with other therapies.  Ethical principles of Reiki.

REIKI 2 Attunement – Two Day Course

The student will receive one attunement, where they will be given extra symbols.  The student will be shown the first three symbols, so that they can practice using these during their treatments. They will learn ways to use the distance symbol, mental and emotional symbol and the power symbol and learn how to use smudging combined with the symbols to clear rooms of negative energy etc. A manual will be provided encompassing what has been taught.

REIKI 3 – Practitioner – One Day Course followed by Teacher One Day

The student will receive the Usui Master symbol during this attunement together with the Tibetan Symbol. This will enhance your Reiki energy and advance your healing ability.  Not everyone wants to be a Teacher so you can just opt to receive the attunement only.  However, if you decide that you wish to become a Teacher, you will be given the chance to learn about the Grace Symbol, the Antahkarana Symbols, Reiki Meditation Exercise, Creating and using a Reiki Grid, Reiki Psychic Surgery and the Violet Flame and Violet Breath. Also a few tips on developing a Reiki Practice.

Reiki Certificates, for each level, will be issued after students have given three treatments to three people and completed the assessment form.  After each level of Reiki there will be a 21-day process, whilst you assimilate the energy produced by the attunements. You Reiki Master will support you during this time, since various emotions may come up to clear, so that you will be a clearer channel for the energy.