Newsletter May 2020

A message from Dee

This is a big moment for me, our first ever published newsletter for Shiloh Creative Life Centre. Welcome to “The Good News Newsletter”. I want to share this journey with you as we strive forth to establish an innovative community hub in South Auckland and share our news through this platform with up to date events, programs, wellness tips and news on the unfolding of our outreach in hopes of generating a thriving community in Aotearoa.
We want each publication to be informative, creative, educational, diversified and community focused while entertained by individuals that support our vision and mission and want to have a voice in humanities every evolving evolution.
We will have monthly articles from many individuals such as our board of trustees, artist, naturopaths, gardeners, farmers, therapist, counselors, art enthuses, weavers and the list go on. We are all about:
●      Spreading the Good News!
●      What’s happening in our community
●      Creativity & Education 
●      Holistic Well-being 
●      Permaculture, sustainability & organic gardening 
●      Support for our local businesses and community groups
●      Cultivate the truth and wisdom from leaders, specialists and holistic practitioners
●      Sharing the passion of oneness within our hearts and community
●      Planting seeds
Holistic health & well-being is at the core of our vision. Holistic health of a person concentrates on the connection of body, mind and spirit functioning at their highest levels to attain complete well-being in the environment in which they interact. In this first addition our treasurer Morris Tuffery, a homeopathic doctor and Naturopath Inga von Benzon, who will be working and managing our holistic health centre, has some great pearls of wisdom to share on how to naturally cope with Covid 19 as well as how to manage our day to day lives as we move through this time of great change! 

A Naturopathic view of the COVID-19

By Morris Tuffery, BSC (HONS) ND, Rhom

Firstly, most people are unaware that the virus itself, which is called SARSCOVID -2 is different from the symptoms of disease that it causes, which is called COVID-19.No one dies from the virus per se. Weak immune systems collapse due to the symptoms developed in reacting to the virus.

Naturopathically, we would always seek to improve the immune system with:

  1. A healthy preferably organic diet that is high in fruit and vegetables.
  2. Stay hydrated (2 liters a day for 60kg weight, 3 litres for 90kg etc)
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Supplements of Vitamins and minerals especially Zinc, selenium, vitamin A,B,C, & D.
  5. Herbal and Homeopathic remedies where indicated

As a prophylactic, the anxiety and fear can be alleviated by the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album 30C. The homeopathic remedies for the actual symptoms of COVID-19 are the same as for any respiratory disease and/or flu and include Gelsemium, Bryonia and Eupatorium Perfoliatum, depending on what symptom are presented. Although not tested in a clinical setting, the remedy Coca 30c is one that matches the advanced cases where shortness of breath and oxygen deprivation are prominent symptoms.

How to stay sane and happy in these unprecedented times

Shared by Inga von Benzon DipNat, DipBT
Registered Natural Medicine Practitioner & Registered Bowtech® Practitioner and Instructor

If you feel stresses and uncertainty, a roller-coaster sense of emotions and thoughts, you are not alone! Isn’t it interesting to learn what we have become accustomed to over the years. When conveniences and services are suddenly cut off, we realise what remains and what becomes important.

Yes, the basics – observing people making fear based decisions (hording toilet paper), not being able to work, having the carpet ripped from under our feet when it comes to freedom of going wherever we want to at any given time, not seeing loved ones and family. It gives us time out to sit still and reflect on our lives and purpose as an individual and as humanity. We find out what we really need and find out that there is a benefit of slowing down. This is a chance to regroup and find meaningful ways to create our future.

With 24 hours at your ‘service’, how do you create your day? It may be helpful to get some structure into thoughts and routine. Creating a little time schedule might help to get the slacking mind into a state of positivity. Getting fresh air by going for daily walks stimulates vitamin D production. Reading a good book – instead of being glued to our phones and computers – may stimulate the brain and get us away from WiFi radiation. Playing board games and having family dinners creates social connectedness and health. We are so used to staying in our own mind bubble that we forget the importance of social connection. This is a time when we are confronted with this issue.

On a more physical level, this would be a good time to detoxify and start healthy eating habits instead of drowning in alcohol and comfort foods. There are no excuses for cooking healthy meals, and there is no shortage of healthy produce and foods. Walking on a daily basis is a great idea to get fresh air for healthy blood circulation and sunshine. Yoga and Qi Gong or Zumba guided by online coaching can be done from home and are great exercises to keep fit and calm. With the current situation in mind, I suggest you increase your vitamin C and zinc levels and get plenty of restful sleep. Melatonin is a vital factor when it comes to a healthy immune defense and is only produced at night when all artificial light is eliminated.

Peaceful living, everyone!

Preserving the Past in our very own back yards!

Permaculture, sustainability and bio-dynamic gardening teaches us how to foster an organic garden culture at home and in our communities. The past 6 months have really shown me the importance of having home grown vegetables, herbs and seedlings in my home garden beds as pure survival of the fittest during times of uncertainty. It is time to get back to the basics in our home, business and personal lives moving forward. Rory Forgerty from Permakai will be teaching permaculture courses once we are established. Here is an interesting article from our friends in Waiuku. 

Bush fires, drought, and now Covid-19 will ensure 2020 is a year to remember. It’s the time existing systems and processes started to break down. It’s the time when the firefighter became more important than the Prime Minister, when local food became more important than cars and TVs, when the supermarket, the health workers, the posties, the courier drivers, and others we normally take for granted, and pay accordingly, kept our society ticking over. It’s the time when everybody became aware of what Permaculture is, although they may not even know what the word stands for. Applying the three ethics of Care of the Earth, Care of People, and (distribution of) Fair Share to the current situation translates simply to wake up and look around at what we are doing. The time has arrived for everyone to take responsibility for the damage that is being done to our home, our society, and ourselves. 

Care of the earth: now is a great time to plant broad beans and brassicas. Growing our own vegetables connects us to Papatuanuku, our mother earth, grounding us. Feed the soil by composting your food and garden waste. Love Papatuanuku and we love ourselves. Without her we are nothing. 
Care of People: let us build upon the wonderful spirit of collaboration and cooperation that everyone is showing at the moment. Let us work together rather than compete. We have seen how cooperation is a win-win, let’s not return to the win-lose that competition represents. 
Fair Share: support your local economy in every way you can because when all goes topsy turvy we need skills to be local when we need them – the local food grower, plumber, electrician, mechanic, postie, all assume an importance we otherwise might take for granted.   

Rory Forgerty & Jennifer Kerr

Creativity is at the heart of our vision and is one of our four foundational pillars. In our June newsletter we hope to share with you some behind the scenes programs that we are currently developing to offer starting August 2020.

We hope that we encourage you to dream big and know that anything is possible if you put your heart into. We will entice you with an array of eclectic & diverse programs that will stimulate your mind, body and soul. Bring families back to the basics of life and teach the ancient traditions and holistic wellbeing practices way of life. We want Shiloh to become the “heart of the community”.
While it makes sense to strive for safety and security on a day to day basis, we need to be reminded to allow ourselves the freedom to dream, be adventurous and be in the wonderment of the visions we hold close to our heart. Courage is a love affair with the unknown.

Be the catalyst for change. Let’s relaunch harmony in absolute uniqueness of a world
that thrives through kindness, fairness and happiness!- Dee Petit

We are searching for a new home for Shiloh

Our ideal building & property located in South Auckland/Franklin County Region

We would love to be supported through the start-up phases in acquiring a property that will meet the needs of the programs and courses we will offer at Shiloh through personal donations, grants, private investors, businesses and philanthropists that support our vision and mission. The basic requirements of the building are:

●        2-3 small private rooms, toilet and reception area for the holistic wellness clinic 
●        1 large art studio with water & storage space (a stage would be lovely)
●        One large education space with room for 10 tables & storage
●        Commercial Kitchen with storage and large dining area
●        One private managers office
●        Toilets in communal spaces
●        Garage and outside building would be fabulous!
●        Minimum one acre of land for community vegetable & flower garden, Maori medicinal plant garden, playground, patios and public parking.

Our ultimate goal is to work with a group of people who are interested in our innovative project to design and build an eco-friendly sustainable centre with buildings made of non-toxic materials and solar power that offers state-of-the-art technology to help reduce energy use as well as an eco-friendly biodegradable waste system that helps to preserve our precious natural resource being water. 

If you know of a property that fits the needs of our innovative project, please contact us!

In loving kindness,
Dee Petit

The Soul Matrix Meditation with Steve Nobel