Lianne Divine – Ayurvedic Wellbeing Consultant

Lianne Graduated from Auckland’s Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in 2009 with Diplomas in Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine (4 years).  My training includes NZ Medical Institution level NZQA Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Pathology and Diagnosis. The vast Science of Ayurvedic Medicine includes: Lifestyle Management, Nutrition, Diagnosis, Anatomy and Physiology, Internal Medicine, Herbology, Spirituality & Philosophy, Counselling, Body Therapies, Panchakarma Detoxification Therapy, Pre-conception care, Mother & Child care, Elderly care, Yogic Science, Breath awareness/Pranayama, Asana, Meditation and Mindfulness.

My work as a Natural Wellbeing Consultant also includes 36 years of ongoing study and experience in a plethora of Healing metaphysical Arts such as Usui Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), NZ New Perception Flower Essences, Huna Sacred Hawaiian Temple Massage, Holistic Pulsing, Meditation, Rongo, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Home Birth, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Creative Dance, Oriental Belly Dance and Feminine Spirituality.

I have been teaching Hatha Yoga, grounded in the breath centred Vini Yoga style for more than 20 years. My students include groups of retired people in their later years, and groups of people living with life-long immune system disorders. I am very experienced at working with groups with varied levels of physical mobility and I am currently learning “Trauma Yoga” – specific techniques for assisting people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I facilitate a Women’s support and co-creative education collective called Red Tent Aotearoa which creates a safe nurturing space enabling Women to share their wisdom and experience regarding feminine fertility, health, wealth and wellbeing and pass this Taonga on to our younger Women. 

I have conducted a series of classes called “Food As Your Medicine” With Rodney Adult Education, Women’s Centre Rodney Inc, and Body Positive Inc. These 6-8 week, 3 hour courses cover topics such as:

  • Know Your Unique Ayurvedic Dosha Body Type
  • Use everyday Herbs and Spices to optimize your digestion
  • Prepare Balanced, affordable, nutritious meals for families with allergies, behaviour challenges and eating disorders.
  • Prepare affordable fermented foods for optimum gut health and enjoyment.
  • Prepare nutritious low-allergy traditional sourdough and Essene bread.
  • Rongo: Learn ways of using the Native plants of Aotearoa, common herbs and “weeds” that grow around you for optimum health.
  • Yoga and your Chakras.