Homoeopathy Courses

Teacher: Morris Tuffery BSC (Hons),ND, Rhom

Morris is a qualified Naturopath and Homoeopath with 40 years’ experience in the use of these therapies. He ran a very busy and successful public clinic in New Plymouth for 15 years. In addition to this, he has a real passion for passing on his knowledge in the form of courses and seminars. He has offered these courses to the public over a long period of time, with a very enthusiastic response.

The courses included:

  1. Beginner’s courses in Homoeopathy
  2. Intermediate courses in Homoeopathy
  3. Advanced courses in Homoeopathy
  4. Basic Naturopathic remedies for family use
  5. Basic education in the way of holistic restoration of health.

Morris emphasises that most everyday maladies can be very effectively treated with Homoeopathy These illnesses include most ailments known to mankind, ranging from childhood complaints such as teething difficulties, ear infections, learning difficulties etc, to every possible kind of adult dis-ease, including shingles, sleep problems, menstrual problems, arthritis, circulatory problems etc.

In his courses, Morris will cover enough theory and practical knowledge for anyone wanting to

  1. Find out what Homoeopathy IS as a rational system of medicine
  2. Find cheap, safe and effective medicines for first aid and home use
  3. Be able to treat themselves and their children with confidence to save going down the ‘drug path’ with all its inherent hit and miss prescribing and possible side effects.
  4. Understand why it is used by literally hundreds of millions of people all over the world.
  5. Find out why 1 in every 3 doctors in Europe use or recommend Homoeopathy to their patients.
  6. Get some idea of how Homoeopathy approaches the treatment of more serious diseases.