Women’s Support Circle

Women’s Support Circle is a safe space for women who have experienced emotional, mental, or physical abuse and are looking for support. It is a 12-week on-line programme that allows women of different cultures to sit in circle and safely share their stories and support a healing journey in the process. Our weekly contact will consist of twelve on-line two-hour zoom calls on Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:30pm.

Throughout the program women will be encouraged and coached on life issues that support their well-being and their children’s well-being. When women come together in a safe space, they experience a sense of belonging within a community that enhances their lives and their children’s lives.

Key circle outcomes

-To help rebuild lives, give encouragement, strengthen futures, support and to help challenge childhood messages. Encouraging change in their stories will uncover new pathways for their families.

-For women to believe in themselves and believe that they can make life changing decisions that benefits and enhances their lives.

-Women become more resilient, gain self-belief, have courage to speak up and make a difference in their families and community.

Certified Counsellor and Family Therapist Christine Burch has assisted families in the South Auckland region for the past 13 years. She has worked in the youth justice system as a Family Therapist and recognizes and identifies the need to support women and children with the difficulties they face.

Dee Petit, is the founder of Shiloh Creative Life Centre Charitable Trust, director of Sassy Red Ltd and a certified life coach, meditation teacher and facilitator of young and mature woman’s empowerment workshops. Dee assists women in re-discovering their strengths and confidence to enhance and transform the quality of their personal, family and professional lives.

If you are interested in joining us in circle and share space with women who have experienced family abuse and want to make changes in your life, register today.

Christine and Dee contact all registrants to have a private zoom call meeting to discuss the circle outline and their answers to the registration questions.  We are looking for eight women who want to step up with courage to make changes in their lives. You will need access to the internet.

Date: Wednesday’s starting 17 MAY thru 2 AUGUST 2023

Time: Wednesdays 6:30pm -8:30pm

Location: Twelve On-Line Zoom Calls

FREE participation for 8 women this term

To contact us about this programme please fill in registration form below.


I absolutely loved being part of the Women’s Support Circle. There was a great balance with facilitators Christine Burch and Dee Petit. Dee brings the creative, fun and spiritual aspect to the circle while Christine supported us with her practical sage advice & knowledge. Both women made me feel really welcomed and accepted for the woman I am and there was no segregation between the women in the circle. I always enjoyed the weekly calls that were mainly about self-esteem building activities. They were creative, fun, positive and playful but also challenging us to turn things around in our lives. With plenty of time to share, connect and witness all women in circle, Christine and Dee were empathetic, caring and very supporting overall. I did not want the circle to finish. This support circle is a great start to the road to recovery from difficult relationships. – Anne

In circle, I learnt I carry the burden of my past life and I was unable to forgive myself for letting bad things happen but did not take any steps then. The circle has helped me face reality, accept past and not blame myself. I feel less bad for letting myself being taken advantage of. I started taking steps to protect myself from my work situation and now I do not allow my managers and others to take advantage of my kindness or bully me. I don’t put up with things wrong and have improved my skills and knowledge to fulfil my personal and work responsibilities which includes self-care and drawing boundaries between professional and family life while working from home. The women in the circle were open, and the group was diverse, and privacy was respected. It was a great experience to discover myself. I would recommend this to everyone I know and would like to sincerely thank our teachers and the ladies of this circle that made each session memorable and fun. – Shaaniya

I was sceptical at first. I felt like I was judging others, but it was more about me feeling not enough. I persevered and worked through the fear of being vulnerable and being rejected and actually see these wāhine for pillars of strength. Their words, and stories and mamae (hurt) were the same as the hurt that rippled throughout my life. I found myself in each one of them. Because of that I never felt alone. I understood the power of being vulnerable. Of sharing. The absolute joy of going deep. Dee and Christine are the anchors of the group. They allow you to drift if you need time but are willing to pull you back if you start to get too far. They are fair, and thoughtful and kind, as are the women. I am thankful for the laughter, for the tears, drama and general korero. Thanks, so much ladies. – Tarah

The Women’s Support Circle Programme has helped me gain my confidence and express myself freely in the circle as well as in my everyday life. The activities and meditations helped me to let go of things that were weighing me down and also to stand up for myself in situations that are not good or challenging for me. So, I am grateful I got to be a part of the circle because if I did not, I would not have experienced or known more about both my happy and sad side. I am now able to accept things about me as they are and not judge them but appreciate and see the beauty in them. The women in the circle were amazing, I learned that when it came to my turn to speak my truth everybody listened and guaranteed you that there will be at least two or more women who are likely going through the same thing and you hear the different perspectives and the coping mechanisms they use. You learn new things from others and about yourself in the circle. Dee and Christine are two incredible, strong, supportive, encouraging, and friendly women. They have helped me so much in my personal growth with me being able to speak up for myself in uncomfortable situations, my self-esteem, build my confidence, be true to myself, and follow my heart, the list goes on. I have enjoyed our circle so much and I would totally recommend this circle to family & friends who need that extra support because it does help you mentally and physically. – Elaine

This time being my third circle with Christine and Dee, I was able to be assertive in sharing my story and truth with the women in circle without feeling that my opinions and thoughts did not matter. I did not shrink, I spoke up without blocking myself from sharing. The women; tangata whenua maori and pacific and Indian women in particular were all connected and sharing from their culture which inspired and uplifted me to be part of this
special group of mana wahine (strong women). Circle was a safe intimate space to share more about who I am and felt equal where I was not in the past. I have personally grown heaps in self-confidence and self-love. Circle is a great social connection for women who are seeking support from other women. It was well facilitated and held, to offer activities but also be flexible to allow more sharing or focus on one wahine or one topic longer if
that was what emerged in the time. – Anne

The Women’s Support Circle is very heart touching as it is a group of women that come from all parts of New Zealand, from all walks of life and there is no judgment amongst us. The women who run the group, Christine Burch and Dee Petit are so lovely and kind-hearted. Each woman has a chance to speak their truth in the circle. The course offers major support as well as the women participants. I recommend this circle to women who are trying to find a place to belong for its okay to be yourself. In doing the course I suggest to the women not to miss any of the sessions as they roll into the next week, but Christine and Dee do not hold it over you, but they do encourage you to attend each week and be open and honest with them. – Ruth

I have found it very healing and empowering to take part in the Women’s Support Circle. Being able to connect with other women in circle who have been through a similar situation to me and are going on a similar journey to heal has been invaluable. The facilitators Christine and Dee gently encourage us to expand our consciousness and have wonderfully woven some creative play into the learning material to help us connect with our emotions on a different level to the way I normally do. Christine and Dee have put together and delivered an amazing programme – Rebecca

I really enjoying doing the Women’s Support Circle.  I felt I was nearing the end of my healing journey, but this circle has helped me on yet another level.  It is so nice to connect with women who are going through the same/similar experience as you to know that you are not alone.  The circle is incredibly supportive, and I looked forward to our meetings each week. I highly recommend this programme, it is amazing. – Deb

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to attend and be a part of the woman’s support circle. Dee and Christine created a safe and supportive space to share our stories. I gained so much more than I anticipated, I laughed, cried, poured my heart out and was inspired by the stories of strength and challenges. Our lives and experiences all different but with a common thread. I am empowered and equipped with tools to carry on with my journey and will continue to make my personal well being a priority. Every woman needs a circle! – Kelly

Once again, thank you for the amazing opportunity to join the women’s circle .
It took me a few weeks to get into it just for my own person reasons which I kicked myself for doing as I got so much from the circle every week! In the women’s circle, I gained confidence in myself. To stand up for what I believe in. Circle made me happy inside to be with woman who are working through some of the same issues as I am. Their sharing and caring was very helpful and insightful for my personal growth. Christine & Dee were awesome every week opening up the space to feel safe & free to express our voices……cannot thank you enough l ladies, you have really set us up on the best path from these circles. – Bree