Christine Birch

Family Therapist-Counsellor

Sand Tray Therapy Sessions

Sand tray therapy (which is also referred to as sand play therapy) is often used with individuals who have experienced a traumatic event such as abuse. It’s most often used with children, but it can also help teens and adults. Psychotherapists may use sand trays to assess, diagnose, or treat a variety of mental illnesses.  Research shows that sand tray therapy can help increase emotional expression while also reducing psychological distress in many populations.

Counselling and Family Therapy

Why do people seek help from a Counsellor or Family Therapist?

I believe all of humanity seeks some type of help with life and the understanding of the emotions they are going through when we face diversity.  From children through to adults, we face many changes.  These changes can course heart ache and many emotions, dealing with these changes can sometimes be very difficult.  Counselling helps children, adolescents and adults find the answers they need to process the changes.  Helping them move through the changes with new understanding and skills to cope with the emotions they are dealing with.

Family therapy is a more systematic approach to families with the intent that everything is connected.  Family therapy works with the entire family system, to help address fractured relationships, children’s behaviour, adolescent behaivours.  It looks at parenting, patterns within their parenting and splits in the system.  By looking through the wider lens a Family therapist can help the parents strengthen their unity which in turn strengths the entire system, so the family is able to function at a higher level.  

Christine Burch has been working in Auckland/South Auckland with children and adolescence for the past 12 years. She is a qualified Sand Tray Therapist and has also been working for the past 8 years with families using Intensive Structural Family Therapy.