Back 2 Basics Programme

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We assist people to learn the ‘why’ we must change, and the motivation to do so!

Back 2 Basics is a 6-week program that is a face to face, interactive, educational experience with Naturopath Shirley Tuffery who teaches youth, women and men to understand the basics of our physiology and how the body systems all work together as a functioning whole (nothing exists in isolation). This foundational theory will be balanced out with the practical hands-on cooking experience with and Empowerment Life Coach & Cook Dee Petit , using seasonal fruits, vegetables and nutrient rich ingredients which will focus on experiencing how easy it can be to sustain healthy families by providing simple, nutritious, cost-effective meals.

The core aim of Back to Basics, is to demonstrate how we feel and function when in a state of wellbeing and how we can learn to take self-responsibility by being equipped with the tools to make better lifestyle choices. Thus, not only preventing illness, but achieving vibrant health, strength, and vitality.

Our goal is to provide educational and practical knowledge that is easy to implement, enabling participants to make healthy lifestyle choices to balance body and mind. Promoting a healthy lifestyle in the home and raising healthy children ensures positive happy attitudes that encourage all to actively contribute to our communities.

At the end of the course, the participants will understand the basics of the human body and its functions and the connection between physical and mental health. The meal preparations, using a variety of simple, tasty and cost-effective recipes, will encourage the participants to integrate and apply the learned knowledge and cooking skills into their daily lives using the practical skills and techniques taught during the six-week program.

The focus is on education, self-responsibility, empowerment, wellness, and prevention. We aim to provide basic knowledge that will form a solid foundation for future generations.

Date: 6 Sept thru 11 Oct 2023

Time: Wednesdays 10:00am – 2:30 pm

Location: Onehunga Community Hub – 83 Church Street, Onehunga Auckland

FREE Community Programme – 12 spaces available

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