BOWTECH ® Bowen Therapy Course

Facilitator: Inga von Benzon, ND, BT

Bowtech, the original Bowen Technique ® works by safely stimulating the natural healing processes of the body, to address the root cause (rather than just the symptoms), of any condition the body may have manifested – regardless of how Bowtech stands apart from other health modalities as it:

  • uses no medication or equipment, (other than your hands)
  • minimal touch, performed through clothes
  • requires very few treatments so provides cost effective results
  • enhances athletic performance speeds up injury recovery
  • animals love it too
  • it simultaneously works on all levels associated with health i.e. physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • easy to learn and usable from day 1. People from all walks of life have learned this revolutionary healthcare modality.

Course Modules 1-6: Comprise of two days each and combine theory and practical hands-on training, to give immediate working self-interest knowledge to safely treat your family or friends, perform workplace first aid, or offer relief in any emergency. An essential skill especially if you live in isolation.